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Guild Meeting Notes

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Guild Meeting Notes

Post  Mythaniel on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:24 am

Was basically jotting stuff down as it came out. If you missed it here's the jist of what went down. Ask somebody if you need more info.

Chosen Order:

Bringing in raiders from Chosen Order to fill out our ranks.

Our focus is still 25 man progression but if we cannot fill out our ranks we will be rolling
into 10 man 2 groups working towards that progression to have something to show potential
recruits some kind of progression in order to compete against other raiding guilds on our

Going to start using the guild calendar for raid sign ups.

Down time! Everyone's biggest pet peeve. We'll be looking at sign ups. If we don't have 25
signed up we will be splitting into 10 mans.

We're going to start posting boss strategies on the guild forums that every raider needs
sign off on to signify that you've read and understand the strategy. If the posted
strategy is not working we'll announce a break to make adjustments.

Role Leaders:
Ranged DPS
Melee DPS

These four leaders will basically be in charge of their area of expertise. You, as a role
leader, will be in charge of distributing strats to the people who fall into your domain.

We will now be awarding loot based on attendance and performance. We will no longer be
relying on "last loot" to award loot.

You will now send a tell to the loot master with a 1 or 2 as we have been doing (but in
tells rather than in raid) and we will award loot from those tells

Raider rank, if you have an "unexcused" absence that will be one strike. We do not require
any attendance but we do require that if you are not going to be here then you DO need
to post in the forums that you are not going to be here or notify an officer so that
they can post on your behalf. Barring unforseen circumstances and family emergencies or
situations that you are unable to get to a comp, if you do not notify the guild that you
are unable to attend this will count as 1 strike.

3 strikes and you will be demoted from raider rank and if you want your raider raid back
you will need to go through your recruit period again.


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Re: Guild Meeting Notes

Post  Boosh on Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:57 am

I agree to these terms and i'll keep ya'll up to date on my position here. I "may" be able to get together 15 bucks for 1 month or two but I gotta judge out what I have left in funds.

asses are not returning my calls for jobs which is really starting to piss me off since i've shown i can do the job exceptionally.

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Re: Guild Meeting Notes

Post  Vikingoden on Tue Sep 15, 2009 5:47 pm

Seems like a good setup sorry I'm still working on same bullshit but will be back when I have more time on my hands.

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Re: Guild Meeting Notes

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