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Guild Workers Under construction :P

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Guild Workers Under construction :P

Post  larry on Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:35 pm

In game over when patterns have dropped you have seen them go to the Guild BS..etc.. Well just to clarify things for you these are those people, please use them when you need stuff crafted!

Guild Tailor- Leisurelarry*
Guild LeatherWorker- Rodeo*
Guild BlackSmith- Mercxus (Tyrik has some patterns as well)*
*Patterns will be listed shortly also*

We also have plenty other people in the guild that are alchemists and JC's and Enchanters, all who may have different gemcuts, or enchants or pots/flasks, and even transmutes. I will have a list compiled by the weekend for everyone to see.. Remember though these things have CD's. Also if we have you listed on here please be respectful to your guildies i expect you to not charge anything. And also if a guildie needs to use your cooldown please let them instead of using it and selling whatever it is you would sell. I know that people need to make Gold to stay afloat but this is a GUILD we should be here to help each other.
To those needing something you can do one of 2 things contact that person in game or on the webiste here in this thread! Please be cautious of how much you are using these crafters CD's as there are about 50 of us online nowadays, and we all need things at times! DON"T BE THE ASS WHO IS ASKING AT EVERY CD!

Anyways we just thought having a list like this would be very beneficial to all of you and help us coordinate alot better!

Last edited by larry on Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:43 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : added a note for upcoming patterns listed)

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Re: Guild Workers Under construction :P

Post  Chacmo on Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:42 pm

On my shaman Chacmo (same as DK minus an l) I have the various epic gem transmutes (need 1 more non-red to get the red). I will also be going transmute spec in the near future (by friday at the latest).

Currently however I am using up the transmute to make titanium. If you really need something though let me know.

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Re: Guild Workers Under construction :P

Post  Rellion on Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:04 pm

Daern - Transmute Spec Alch
Rellion - Miner (Titansteel)/JC(Icy Prisms)
Prerotica - Tailor (Shadow)
Antidote - Tailor (Shadow?)


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Re: Guild Workers Under construction :P

Post  Mythaniel on Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:49 am

Hope you're ready to compile posts =P

Mythaniel's gem cuts:

Cardinal Ruby
Runed - 23 Spell power
Bold - 20 strength
Delicate - 20 agility

Potent - 12 spell power, 10 crit strike
Deadly - 10 agility. 10 crit strike

Eye of Zul
Enduring - 10 defense rating, 15 stamina

Majestic Zircon
Solid - 30 stamina

Purified - 12 spell power, 10 spirit
Puissant - 10 armor penetration, 15 stamina
Regal Dreadstone - 10 dodge rating, 15 stamina

Nightmare tear - 10 to all stats

Mythaniel is also an enchanter with basically all enchanting recipes. Think I'm missing Blood Draining and some of the useless stuff but I've got all the important stuff.

Nines is also a tailor and usually if you ask me I'm more than willing to burn cloth cooldowns (currently spec'd mooncloth tailoring) although i do not have any cool patterns. =P



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Re: Guild Workers Under construction :P

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