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~G-Bank Price List~

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~G-Bank Price List~ Empty ~G-Bank Price List~

Post  HolyShat on Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:14 pm

Ok first off, no mats will be sold from the bank. They are used to refill our supply of pots and such. Enchanting mats will also not be sold, if you need enchants for current raid level gear talk to an officer.
All "raid supplies" are sold for 50% of current AH price on that item. The totals will be reworked each month and repriced to stay current. I'm running auctioneer and scanning 2 times a day to stay current.

To recieve items from the Guild bank an ingame mail must be sent to: gobank no less than TWO hours prior to raid, faliure to order items from the bank prior to raid will result in you being charged double the prices listed below.
- Price List -

Mana/Healing injectors: 60g

Flasks: 15g

Elixirs : 50g (Priced per stack)

Food : 20g (Priced per stack)

Once again these are currently in the Gbank. If there is demand for other types well stock them.

If you are an Alch, please let officers know and inclue which mastery. All pots and elixirs are made by masters in that spec, this is done to give the best price with procs. The way this works is that you buying your raid mats from us, provides better prices for stuff. Also it funds repairs on Raid nights. While I'm on that topic, remeber, the Gbank only funds repairs on raids, nothing else. Please do not abuse the bank and use it to repair after PvP, farming or pugging.

Also, the Gbank will take materials in place of money, when you are buying stuff. We will honor current AH prices on your mats. This will probably need to be done through me unless other officers will run auctioneer as well. The items we will take are listed below, the gold values will not be listed.

What's Taken ?

Ore / Bars - Northend
Cloth - Frostweave
Herbs - Northend
Gems - blue quality or better
Leather - Northend
Food - Anything that offer a "well fed" buff
Meat & Fish- Northend
Crystallized and Eternal (Any type)

If you have other items that you would like to trade, contact an officer. Although the items listed are pretty much all we'll need.
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